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Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers - Or Haters

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Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers - Or Haters
By Paige Waehner

 Giving a fitness-related gift isn't always the best idea. For example, if you're trying to 'encourage' your non-exercising loved one to workout, a membership to a gym probably won't go over very well.

However, these days, lots of us are into fitness in one way or another and there are some great gadgets out there that will make just about any exerciser happy.

Best Fitness Gifts for Exercisers 

 This list of fitness gift ideas includes almost all of the gear and gadgets that make any workout better. Whether they're into it or not, you'll find something for everyone.

Fitness Gifts for Exercisers and Athletes 

 Exercise is about more than workouts. It's also about recovery. This list is more for people who exercise a lot or maybe even train for running or other races. You'll find tools to make them stronger and to help their bodies recover.

Fitness Gift Ideas for Travelers 

 Travel and exercise sometimes go together about as well as chalk and cheese. It helps to have some tools to make exercise easier when you're on the road. These are some gift ideas for travelers.

Best Gear to Build Core Strength 

 Almost everyone is working for a strong, firm core these days and, if you've got an exerciser in your life, they're going to want some of these tools to build better abs.

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