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There's No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance

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Delicious Byte eZine
Issue 17, April 2011 ISSN # 2155-708X 
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Teleclasses & Events: the S3 PROGRAM IS HERE!!!
Client Spotlight
Featured Article: There Is No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance
Featured Recipe
What's Simla Up To?
A Note From Simla

Simla Somturk Wickless
Dear Azriel ,

I'm writing this note to you as I'm tipsy on wine and on life.

We've had a crazy month. Both good crazy and bad crazy. Hence me squeaking this April edition in on the last possible day!

The bad crazy: We left everything and rushed to Nebraska earlier this month on news that Andy's brother had to undergo emergency heart surgery to replace an infected artificial valve (there due to a birth defect). Serious stuff. We were prepared for the worst. Even packed a black dress. Awful. All turned out well in the end, for which we feel very relieved and fortunate. He even got engaged two days after his surgery!

The good crazy: There's so much going on! New program launch that is a labor of love (see more below); new clients; new friends in our new hometown, Boulder; tipsiness for the first time in YEARS today (tee hee); and lots of activity, growth, and exciting opportunities coming up in May and beyond for Delicious Health.

The most exciting good-crazy for me right now is the LAUNCH of my brand new Strong, Sexy & Satisfied: 3-Step Food | Life | Work Success System - a virtual 90-day group program (a.k.a. S3 Program) designed to be a one-of-a-kind, mind-blowingly awesome experience for you women entrepreneurs & professionals reading this. Read below for my special invitation for you to join me & 9 world-class guest experts at a ridiculously low investment. We begin May 12th.

This month's lead-in and article is related to the S3 Program: There Is No Such Thing As Work-Life Balance. There's this moment and what you choose to do with it. And a few more things. Read or listen in on my thoughts below.

Yes, LISTEN! I'm trying something new this month - you can either read or listen to my article using the link I've provided below. Let me know what you think.

The latest manifestation of "balance" for me is in prioritizing what really matters. I'm tipsy writing this today because Andy and I had a lovely lunch to celebrate his birthday, which meant pushing out a major deadline.

At first I felt freaked out - so much to do! I had to get everything done NOW! Then I decided: So what? Did YOU know I had a deadline? Did YOU care? No. So I decided I wasn't going to care as much either. And our lunch was one I will never forget, starting with the gorgeous rose wine that was sent to our table as a gift.

This month's recipe is a new favorite of mine and my clients':  The Avocado-Tepanade Mash. Filling, delicious, easy, and colorful. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy your Byte. If you change your mind, you may unsubscribe at any time by scrolling to the very bottom of this page and clicking on the unsubscribe link.


Enjoy real balance.

To your delicious heath,

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Simla Somturk Wickless, MBA, CHC, CNE
Delicious Health LLC

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Teleclasses & Events
Are you ready?

This is a game-changer, Azriel.

It's HERE!!!

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Strong, Sexy & Satisfied: The 3-Step Food | Life | Work Success System


a live, 90-day virtual group program... for YOU, the woman entrepreneur and professional who wants to DOUBLE your energy, DISSOLVE overwhelm, create true BALANCE AND FLOW in your life - work integration, DEFINE "success" on your OWN terms, and ROCK your life and business/career with MEANING and PURPOSE like never before!

Why? Because you can. And because it's time.

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Enough with the excuses, lame rationalizations (oh, but I have that deadline... oh, but what if I fail... oh, what if I SUCCEED???), and the best one: oh, but I don't have TIME.



Are you ready to remove the word "CAN'T" from your vocabulary?  


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Client Spotlight

"I feel much more comfortable in my skin; I feel energized, focused, even more excited about life in general. And this is just after 30 days. I'm not afraid of backsliding, cravings, or giving in to old habits. Not because I won't ever experience them again, but because I know what I need to do to get myself back on track and I know how good it feels - and how yummy it can be! - to be on that track. The moment I knew Simla really got into my head is when I was chilling out in front of the boob tube watching the host of Man vs. Food shovel down pounds of nachos while I was quite content munching on a bowl of kale chips....

[Simla is] such a positive, genuine spirit. And she's SMART. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about nutrition; I've done extensive research and have talked to many professionals, yet I've never come across someone so astute and logical about an area of expertise that so many people think they understand yet so few really get."

[Note from Simla: Stephanie also told me that her HEARING got better. Can you imagine, as a MUSIC professional? How cool is that?!]

~ Stephanie B., Music Industry Executive

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Featured Article

There Is No Such Thing As Work-Life Balance 

by Simla Somturk Wickless, MBA, CHC, CNEBalance 

We go around looking for the holy grail of "work-life balance," and fail to find it again and again. It's fleeting at best, it's the promised land that seems as far away as ever as we paddle furiously towards it, trying so hard to make it happen.


We think that, if only we did things "right", we could have this magical equilibrium between our personal and business lives. One that makes us and everyone around us happy.


By definition, however, balance is a state of micro-adjustments, not a single, perfect, static state that you can hold indefinitely.

CLICK HERE to read on...


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"Simla Somturk Wickless, MBA, CHC, CNE, is the founder of Delicious Health LLC. She is a health, nutrition, and balanced living coach whose mission is to transform Busy Bodies into healthy, Balanced beings TM. Simla loves working with women entrepreneurs, professionals, and autoimmune clients to help them double their energy, tame their stress, get to their natural weight without dieting, and take back control of their health to live intensely pleasurable and impactful lives. Learn more  at or"
Featured Recipe
Simla's Avocado-Tepenade Mash


Such an easy, delicious breakfast or snack option. Spread over your favorite gluten-free bread or crackers, go at it with veggie sticks, or just spoon it up if you can't wait.


Great for a busy, demanding day ahead. Will help give you a steady mood, steady energy, and keep your appetite under control!

What's Simla Up To?
  • April 25: Early Bird launch for Delicious Health's new virtual group program, Strong, Sexy & Satisfied: 3-Step Food | Life | Work Success System  (a.k.a. S3 Program).
  • May 4 & 5: Simla is in NYC hosting a Roundtable breakout session, "Uplevel Your Business & Your Life Without Burning Out or Giving Up" at Savor the Success's Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World Conference - fun!
  • May 12: First day of the new virtual group program featuring 9 world-class guest experts, Strong, Sexy & Satisfied: 3-Step Food | Life | Work Success System (a.k.a S3 Program). Are you ready to join me and an amazing peer group of women entrepreneurs & professionals who are so ready for this?
  • May 19: Simla celebrates the book launch of one of the world-class experts in the S3 Program: Sara Avant Stover's The Way of the Happy Woman
  • May 26 - 28: Simla immersed in strategic planning for Delicious Health.
  • May 30: Walking the 10K Bolder Boulder Race! Why run when I can take my time and enjoy the musicians, free treats, and fun crowds at this landmark event? 
About Simla Somturk Wickless


Simla is a certified health coach, nutritionist, writer, speaker, and change agent whose mission is to transform Busy Bodies into healthy Balanced Beings! TM


Simla combines the latest scientific research with traditional holistic approaches to educate and inspire her clients to take action. She was trained and certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), The Teacher's College of Columbia University, and Bauman College. Simla also has an MBA degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.


As a management consultant for almost a decade, Simla was a busy body herself. Her ensuing health crisis led her to discover the healing powers of whole foods and self-care. Now, she is passionate about redefining balanced and delicious living for herself as well as for her clients.



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About Women's Health: Wedding Plans And Your Health

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From Tracee Cornforth, your Guide to Women's Health
This morning's Royal wedding reminds me of the health issues all brides should think about before tying the knot. We also talk about what to expect at your gynecology visit, what a colposcopy is, and lots more. Have a healthy week! Tracee

Health Things To Think About Before You Marry
If wedding plans have you planning for your special day, there are a few things you should do to make sure that you are a healthy bride. While, getting married is a special, exciting, and busy time that most women dream of from the time they are little girls, there is more to getting married than flowers, dresses, and saying "I do." Before you marry the love of your life, you should have a few health checks to make sure that you are in tiptop shape health wise.

What Is A Colposcopy?
One of the most frightening times in a woman's life is when the gynecologist calls and says that her Pap smear results are abnormal. Although you might think an abnormal Pap smear means that you have cervical cancer, the fact is that the majority of abnormal Pap smears are not caused by cervical cancer. The more likely cause of abnormal Pap smear results is inflammation or a vaginal infection.
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Non-Contraceptive Benefits Of The Pill
Did you know that there are several other reproductive health conditions that can be improved or prevented with the use of oral contraceptives? According to American Family Physician's update on oral contraceptives, "The non contraceptive benefits (and favorable side effect profiles) of oral contraceptive pills are so important that some patients use the pills exclusively for those reasons."
See More About:  pms  pmdd  fibroid tumors

Things To Know About Your Gynecology Visit
Have you ever been to an obstetrician/gynecologist or Ob/Gyn for a pelvic exam and Pap test? If your answer is "no" and you are 21 or older, pick up your phone today and make an appointment with your doctor or a family planning clinic in your area. On the other hand, if your answer is "yes," then how long has it been since your last Pap smear and pelvic exam? All women should have annual Pap smears beginning at age 21, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


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About Low Carb Diets: Low-Carb Mexican Food

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From Laura Dolson, your Guide to Low Carb Diets
Break out the sugar-free margaritas and guacamole! We're coming up on Cinco de Mayo, the most celebrated Mexican holiday in the United States. And it's not that hard to cut the carbs! Laura

Low-Carb Cinco de Mayo
I've collected a lot of low-carb resources together especially for Cinco de Mayo, and included features from's Mexican, Cocktails, and Entertaining Guides.

Low-Carb Mexican Food? No Problema!
I love it when I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and they know to automatically replace the rice and beans with salad for me. Think beyond the enchiladas and tamales- there's really a lot of low-carb Mexican cuisine to enjoy.

Sugar-Free Margaritas
Did you know that even a small margarita usually has at least 17 grams of sugar? That's over a tablespoon of sugar! These authentic-tasting sugar-free margaritas have only 2 grams of carb, from the lime juice.

Low-Carb Fajitas
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Laura Dolson
Low Carb Diets Guide
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