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About Cholesterol: Ways to Spruce Up Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

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From Jennifer Moll, your Guide to Cholesterol
Watching your diet is an important way to keep your cholesterol levels -- as well as other chronic conditions -- in check. However, some diets may get a little boring after a while. This newsletter will show you how to add a little variety to your cholesterol-lowering diet so that it never gets boring -- and you can stay on the right track.

What Makes a Good Cholesterol Lowering Diet?
A cholesterol-lowering diet should well-balanced and contain a variety of delicious foods. Find out which foods you should be including in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Cheese Swaps for Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Although cheese contains saturated fat, there are ways to sneak it into your diet -- without increasing your cholesterol levels. Try some of these helpful tips so that you can have your cheese -- and eat it, too!

Salmon Ideas for Your Diet
Salmon contains unsaturated fat, which could have a positive effect on your cholesterol. But how can you consume salmon regularly without it getting boring? These tips will help.

Ways to Make Your Traditional Favorites Heart-Healthy
When you began your cholesterol-lowering diet, did you give up some of your traditional -- but fatty -- favorite foods? If so, you won't need to mourn the loss of your favorite foods anymore. Try these easy tips that will keep your traditional favorites healthy.


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