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How to Keep Your Metabolism Going

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How to Keep Your Metabolism Going
By Paige Waehner

 This time of year you start to hear a lot about avoiding holiday weight gain. We all know the tricks - Everything in moderation, drink lots of water, eat your veggies first, etc.

Still, it's the holidays and most of us aren't going to do any of that. Instead of feeling guilty about it, turn it around and look for simple ways to keep your metabolism going throughout the season. Sometimes it's all about maintaining where you are.

Can You Change Your Metabolism? 

 You may have heard all kinds of (ridiculous) things that could increase your metabolism. Things like eating spicy foods, drinking green tea or dousing your foods with hot sauce. Those things may give your metabolism a little boost, but it won't last. Here's what works.

High Intensity Aerobic Intervals 

 This long and challenging interval workout ​ helps build endurance, increase your anaerobic threshold and burn more calories and fat both during and after your workout. It also helps rev up your metabolism.

Avoid Extreme Dieting 

 One great way to keep your metabolism going is to eat regularly. Yep, that means cutting your calories too low can actually cause your metabolism to slow down. Avoiding extreme diets is a must, which is good news for us around the holidays.

Take a Good Brisk Walk 

 High intensity exercise is great, of course, but any kind of cardio can help boost your metabolism. If you're too busy for a workout, try a few short, brisk walks throughout the day to keep that blood pumping.

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