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About Alternative Med: Black Walnut, Lemon Essential Oil

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Black Walnut for Better Health?
Get the lowdown on black walnut, a natural remedy said to curb your cholesterol and fend off heart disease... Read more

Lift Your Mood With Lemon Essential Oil
Widely used in aromatherapy, lemon essential oil may help enhance your mood and ease your stress.... Read more

Sharpening Your Brain With Lion's Mane
Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, lion's mane is a medicinal mushroom which may help preserve brain health, fight depression, and increase your defense against cancer... Read more
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Getting Started With Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Baobab, used in traditional African medicine, is said to tame inflammation, soothe fever, and control asthma. Find out whether this antioxidant-rich fruit can help keep you healthy.... Read more
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