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About Low Carb Diets: Spring; F-Word

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From Laura Dolson, your Guide to Low Carb Diets
Spring is a great time to clean out, dust off, and rake away the debris that collects over the winter. It's also a good time to look at what we're doing for our health. Have we let some of our resolutions lose some of their resolve? Have we let some "trigger foods" into the house to sabotage our way of eating? Let's clean out, tune-up, and renew, starting today! If you need or want support, don't forget our Low Carb Discussion Forum. Also, "fat" (as an adjective for a person) has been called "The Other F-word" -- is "chubby", "hefty", or "overweight" better? Have a great week - Laura

Is Carb Creep Creeping Up on You?
A very common mistake people get into as time goes on is letting carbs creep back into our diets, little by little. This is a sure road to sabotaging our efforts to improve our health! Have you stopped tracking your daily carbs? Maybe it's time to check back in:

Clean Out the Pantry
Let's go through our pantries and refrigerators, one shelf at a time, get rid of foods that may be undercutting our health, and stock up on healthy, low-carb foods.
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Back to the Basics
Is it time for a review of the basics of low-carb eating?
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The Other F-Word
"Do these jeans make me look plus-sized?", asks my colleague, the About.com Guide to Weight Loss. What's the best word to use when describing an overweight person? A few thoughts.


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