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About Bipolar Disorder: That's Typical... Antipsychotics

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Bipolar Disorder




From Marcia Purse, your Guide to Bipolar Disorder

That's Typical... Antipsychotics
I can just imagine some pharmaceutical researcher coming up with a new antipsychotic medication, some years ago, and saying, "Wait, this isn't like all the existing drugs for psychosis ... Read more

Getting to Know Lamictal and Lamotrigine
One of the most important things I know about the mood stabilizer Lamictal, and its generic version lamotrigine, is that in either form, it TASTES TERRIBLE. Well, yes, that IS important, especially if ... Read more

Highly Sensitive to Noise?
"I was wondering," writes a community member, "are any of you highly sensitive to noise? I'm moving, and part of the reason is that the walls here are paper-thin. I have a noisy neighbor who ..." Read more

Suicide is a very real issue for those with bipolar disorder (manic depression). The estimates are as high as 20% of people who suffer from Bipolar Disorder will kill themselves. That's one out of every five! And as many as 50% - half! - of all people with this disorder may attempt suicide at least once in their lives. Found here are resources and information relating to this topic.


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