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About Cancer: It's Tax Time! Your Medical Expenses and Tax Deductions

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From Lisa Fayed, your Guide to Cancer

It's Tax Time! Your Medical Expenses and Tax Deductions
It's that time of year again - tax season. Did you know that your cancer medical expenses may be tax deductible? By cancer medical expenses, this can mean child care... Read more

How Much Alcohol Increases Your Cancer Risk?
It's no secret that consuming alcohol can increase your risk of developing several types of cancer. Experts warn us of the risk, but often don't elaborate on how much alcohol... Read more

Play Golf? You May Be At Risk of Skin Cancer
When my husband took up playing golf a few years ago, I was clueless about the sport. I assumed a morning round a golf meant he would be home by... Read more

Childhood Cancer
Learn the types of cancers children are susceptible to and what the symptoms and treatment is. As a parent, explore how to cope with your child's cancer.


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